FareShare Comunity Pantry

CCA Food pantry

On Friday mornings from 10.00 - 12.00 am CCA is open to the community to offer a Fareshare Food Pantry.

These are a Welsh Government initiative striving to reduce food waste and support communities with affordable food in a welcoming sociable space.

At present we have over 100 members who pay a membership fee of £1 to join the pantry. This entitles them to purchase of bag of food for £5 with a value of approximately £15 - 20 every Friday. The food included fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dairy produce and meat. Some tinned and preserved food it also available.

Come a join the pantry, we can't guarantee what will be available each week, but we can certainly help you reduce the cost of your weekly feed shop while reducing the nations landfill.