Paul Homans

Paul became the senior leader of CCA in November 2011. He is married with 2 adult children and 3 grandchildren. Paul moved from Berkshire where he had been an assistant pastor in a small rural village church. He has worked within agriculture, the world of finance and fostered for social services. Paul believes the church is not a collection of bricks and mortar but is made of up people who love Jesus. On this premise he believes the local church should:

  • Love the People of their Community
  • Rescue People from Oppression
  • Restore Dignity to the Individual
  • Replace Despair with Hope
  • Show Mercy without Judgement
  • Engage with the Potential of the Individual
  • Assist in the Provision for the Deprived and Disadvantaged

Paul's heart is realy after God's heart and as he prayed many years ago, his heart breaks from what breaks God's heart.